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Curtains, blinds & shutters in Hitchin, Herts & Gerrards Cross, Bucks


Scion Fabrics & Wallpapers

Scion was created for the trend savvy and fashion aware customer with cutting-edge appeal.

Since it was established in 2004, GILROY INTERIORS has built its business success on these three elements. Over the years, we’ve built up an impressive library of products, all from respected brands and in a variety of styles – ranging from popular, classic, designer, traditional and contemporary.

From Mr Fox to Spike the Hedgehog, Scion has certainly made a distinguishable mark on the global interiors scene. Affordable yet uncompromisingly stylish, Scion was created for the trend savvy and fashion aware customer. Scion products are cutting-edge and accessibly priced with an enduring appeal.

Justifiably proud of its British roots, Scion’s printed fabrics and wall coverings are all manufactured in the United Kingdom, by factories that have clear commitments and initiatives towards care of the environment and sustainability. [Source: Style Library]

Scion fabrics & wallpapers make stunning curtains & blinds. What’s more, you can also use the same images and patterns for almost every type of home/soft furnishing imaginable – cushions, rugs, lampshades & bedding. If the team at GILROY INTERIORS can’t make it, we’ll find somebody who can.

The Scion Story – according to the dictionary, the word ‘Scion’ has two meanings: ‘a young shoot or twig’ or ‘the descendent of a notable family’. It’s the perfect name for this energetic brand that burst onto the scene in 2012.

Scion was conceived for modern living and filled a gap in the market for fresh, individual and reasonably priced home products. The party really started when one of our designers drew a little orange fox… Mr Fox was born and quickly became one of the most iconic designs of the decade.


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