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Measuring guides

Whether you’re measuring for curtains or blinds these easy step by step instructions will show you how to accurately measure for your new window treatment.

Curtain Measuring Guide


This is the width of your curtain track or pole (not the window itself). The track / pole should usually extend 20 - 30cm (8” - 12”) beyond each side of your window to enable your curtains to be pulled sufficiently back when they are open. Measure from A to B as shown in the diagram. NB For curtain poles, measure just inside the finials.

If you require overlaps or returns, please refer to the * notes below.

Length / Drop

This is the actual length of the curtains and the way in which you take this measurement depends on your heading type and if you are using a track or pole:

Eyelet curtains (pole only)

Measure from the top of the pole (C) to the desired finishing point of your curtains (D). Please ensure that your pole is positioned at least 5cm from the ceiling as we will add a further fabric allowance to finish just above the pole.

eyelet curtains


Measure from the top of the track (C) to the desired finishing point of your curtains (D).

pinch/pencil pleat curtain track


Measure from the bottom of the ring (C) to the desired finishing point of your curtains (D).

pinch pleat or pencil pleat curtain

*Overlaps & Returns

Sometimes we are asked to make curtains with overlaps or returns. If you have a corded track with overlap arms in the centre, please add an additional 10cm (4”) to the width (A).If you would like your curtains to return from the track / pole to the wall, please add the distance from the track to the wall, for each side, to your width (A to B) measurement.

Blind Measuring Guide

First of all, decide if you would like your blinds to fit inside or outside of the window recess:

Inside the recess

Please provide the exact recess width (A) and drop (B) measurements. We recommend that you take these measurements in 2 or 3 places (left, right & middle or top, bottom & middle) just in case of any irregularities – particularly in older buildings or kitchen and bathroom recesses where tiles come part of the way up. If there are variances, please specify these in the comments box when placing your order and we will make any necessary adjustments.

Inside the Recess


Please provide the track width (C) and not the window width. We recommend that the track should be as wide as the window sill or to extend by at least 5cm (2”) each side of the window. The drop / length measurement (D) should be from the top of the heading (track) to the bottom of the blind when lowered.

Outside the Recess


Due to Health & Safety legislation, European Standard EN13120 imposes a maximum cord length for manufacturers of window blinds. The blind cord / chain must be positioned at least 1.5m above the floor.

With this in mind, we ask for your installation height (the height from the floor at which the top of the blind is to be positioned).

This information is optional but if you do not give an installation height, then the cord will be less than or equal to 1m for blinds with a drop of upto 2.5m. If the blind is longer than 2.5m the cord & chain length will be less than or equal to the blind drop size less 1.5m.

We recommend that you do inform us of the installation height of your blind, click here to find out why.

More information about the new legislation is available from:

Customers can be assured that all window blinds supplied by Gilroy Interiors conform to Standard EN13120.